About Me

Let me introduce myself…
But first, this isn’t about me.
This day, finally here, is far from ordinary.
It is the end of one journey and the beginning of another…a perfect
destination reached and another adventure to a distant, mysterious
place, a place for you both, about to begin.
Such beginnings could be described in a thousand ways, all of them
consuming and captivating.
Everything is so vivid, so crisp, perfect clarity.
I am here for you both.
I know
I understand
You have everything you need but if you allow me, I will be there for you
both every step of the way. On this untrodden path, there will be times
where the smallest care, an act of understanding, just a corner to fall
back into, will mean everything and make everything okay – which it will
Where do I come in, about me?
I take you both so very seriously, to heart and will treat you and your
marriage with such deep respect.
I have come a long, long way. Taken the road travelled and less
travelled, made every mistake a man could make and learned lesson
after lesson after lesson.
What has stayed with me, what I have seen again and again is that the
essence of happiness, genuine, honest happiness is found in love
If I can help you create your foundation for this future. Help make it
belong just to you both, then I am fulfilled.

More about me…
I’m a product of Old East Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, childhood friends
that had the most dazzling smiles I’ve ever seen. Cold granite boarding
schools that I loved, trees and forests so different in the way they
swallowed you up, but both as protective.
Art that touched me without words or any understanding necessary. An
Architect, a Master Dive Instructor, I see beauty in everything and it is
good. Ex Military, Navy…drawn to and hypnotised by salty water since I
splashed around in the Indian Ocean with tiny little feet.
In love with love, hopelessly romantic, read every day.
My fears…not living each day, wasting a moment.
I view the world, what is possible through, the eyes of a child…still
have so many childhood dreams, I long to fulfil and will.
I am genuinely invested in life, unafraid and very, very steadfast.