Weddings & Events

Your Wedding

Complex, Simple, Traditional, Themed. The right wedding for you, is the one you hold in your heart – it is uniquely yours. The one, that when you think of that day, your breath leaves you…your mind and body tingle and flutter. 

A combination of a million expectations, of feelings you cannot possibly describe, of the hopes, dreams and passions of a lifetime. I understand and I want you to have everything. I am adept at taking feelings, dreams, hopes and binding them into a beautiful reality that will be the foundation of your new lives. The memories that you take forward from this amazing day, that stand for your love, will carry you forward forever. Laughter, love, endless smiles and a world in each others eyes.

My services are high end, bespoke and have no limit. 

Your Event  

I am at your service to ensure that your occasion is everything it should and could be. 

Dreams are possible, very possible. Let me create and accomplish just what you wanted. I am a very lateral thinker and take a deep joy in watching miracles happen for Clients. There are times in our lives that deserve every thought and consideration, and it takes courage, strength and sensitivity to bring such precious days to bear – I am your man.

 Your Words/Vows/Speeches 

Words, the right, perfect words…perform the alchemy that turns thoughts into feelings…feelings so real that they play across your senses like the first snowflakes touching impossibly gently on your bare upturned face. Words that ignite the heart, sear through time, hold you in the fire of that first kiss, so real that your skin shivers, you can smell wet grass and sense that chill of wind.

Talk to me. I will find the perfect expression for how you feel. Your words are already written in your eyes, your breath, everything about you…I shall bind everything into something that leaves nothing left unsaid.

Vows, speeches, letters.

Connecting with me

Based in Brooklet, in the lush Hills of Byron Bay, I am at your service locally, nationally and world wide.

In matters of the Heart, I understand that things must be perfect. Let us meet in person to start creating one of the best days of your life. Start by calling me and let me take care of everything.